Dream within a dream

Alright, things are getting straight-up macabre in my Etsy shop lol. Here’s my latest Edgar Allan Poe card for any occasion!


Buy it here for your darker friends today!

Winnie the Pooh baby shower invitations

Everything is starting to come together in my shop and I’ve made one sale lol, woohoo!

These bad boys are now for sale, tell your expecting friends!


Sometimes there’s just not enough time in a day… or days… or maybe even a week or two… Here’s my Mother’s Day card, which I couldn’t get done in time. Or! We can look at it like this, I’m just super ready for next Mother’s day!


Dark romance

I don’t know why it suddenly popped into my head but today I thought to myself; there’s not enough morbid romance in the love card world.

So who better to embody the dark essence of twisted romance other than Gomez and Morticia Addams.

You can purchase this ghoulish valentine in my shop.

Concert Posters

Quick last-minute project I threw together like a madwoman (I think I did pretty good!).
Concert posters for The Gravel Project’s upcoming shows, and if you’re in the area you should definitely check them out.

Bit the bullet!

Alright I did it. I listed wedding invitations on my¬†Etsy¬†shop. Hopefully this doesn’t bit me in the butt later. I’m hoping that the next bride who’s interested in them is as easy going as the one who ordered the design to begin with!

Retro Birthday Card

Finally got this little gem done up and posted on my shop, enjoy!

**Nintendo controller not included ;P