Raven Card

Finally getting this little gem up on my shop!

For any of those Edgar Allan Poe fans out there expecting little bundles of joy, this is the perfect card for them!



Retro Vinyl Wedding Invites

Here’s another retro gem I just finished up and mailed for a client. Loving this 70’s funky design, and I’m contemplating whether to put it up in my shop for customization. I think it’d be a hit!

When your husband is a gamer…

When your husband is a retro gamer / uber-geek (and you love him a whole lot), you get to expand your repertoire of design skills to reflect flavors of your childhood (for those of us who still remember dialing up the internet, floppy discs, and giant tube TVs). Every once in a while, the man will request a custom label for some kind of handmade cartridge, case, or project, and who am I to say no to unique design opportunities.

These labels are for an adaptor obviously called the “Power Base FM”. It uses some kind of chip (not my area of expertise) that lets you enjoy FM sound while playing Master System games on your Sega Genesis or Mega Drive. What does that mean? Good question! Let’s refer to someone who actually knows! For those wanting to learn more or buy one from db electronics look here for details, and yes, I’m just now realizing how much he spent…

SO! Since the husband can never decide what he wants I made him three labels to chose from! I also didn’t put my watermark on these as I’m sure there are other collectors out there with the same need, so please feel free to reach out for printable files free of charge and keep the retro gaming love going!

Pooh for you!

Working on a baby shower invitation set to sell the design of. It features our favorite silly ol’ bear Pooh, and so far I have the invite and a thank you card finished (to be tweaked slightly later). I’ll have other parts in the set coming later and they’ll all be listed in my Etsy shop in due time. Invitations are my favorite projects to work on! I hope to do more in the near future.

World Finalists!

I was lucky enough to be asked to design an Odyssey of the Mind t-shirt graphic for the Georgia State champions reigning out of Americus! Americus was lucky enough to have the three placing teams from two schools this year (Furlow Charter School and Southland Academy) and together they’ve formed one unified team to travel to Worlds together where they will compete separately. This creative problem-solving competition requires students to work as a team for months to solve a long-term problem, the fruits of their labor being a collective solution. They present their solutions in front of judges and face off against their peers in spontaneous problems solving events the day of the competition. Pretty neat!

The design features the outline of some prominent town sights and the dragon is Georgia’s Odyssey of the Mind mascot! This will be printed on black and white baseball tees and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with how it all came out! I hope the kids like it just as much as I do!

Congrats to team Americus on how far you’ve come and good luck at the World championships May 23-26th at Iowa State University! (Though I hear a certain somebody has their hometown team heading there too 😏)

Fly Fishing (tis the season)

SandS-Logo-NavyI’ve been working this past month for Skip and Sunny with Elliott’s Hand Tied Flies. What a great couple to work for and I’ve learned so much about fishing flies (more than I’ll ever need to know haha). They got the whole package deal, logo, business cards, website (with shop), and some product photography. Man do I love my table top studio from Modahaus, and just check out some of these awesome shots!

Their site is under construction but be sure to check back in for all your fly fishing needs.

Product Photography

Something I sort have stumbled onto and now have a crazy passion for is product photography! I love setting everything up and I just got this new setup that works awesome. Want a session with me? I have some great deals going on right now! Mention this post and I’ll take 25% off your session with me.